April 9-10, 2018

2018 California Foster Youth Summit

Susan will be presenting The Community Resiliency Model (r) with Edwin Weaver, Executive Director, Fighting Back Santa Maria Valley

In the movie, Resilience (2016), Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris states that children coming into preschool with an ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) score of 4 or more were 32 times more likely to have a behavioral problem or learning disability.  We have developed The Community Resiliency Model ™ to help combat those issues. CRM’s goal is to help create “trauma-informed” and “resiliency-informed” individuals and communities that share a common understanding of the impact of trauma and chronic stress and how resiliency can be restored or increased using this skills-based approach.  We will discuss their partnership with school districts and how that has allowed them to provide training for school counselors, teachers, substitute care providers and foster youth in the CRM Skills.  You will receive information on a free App where you can finish you CRM training and practice the skills for self-care or use it to teach others.

March 27-29, 2018

Trauma Resiliency Model Level 1

Susan and Elaine Miller Karas will be providing a 3 day Trauma Resiliency Model training for 25 school counselors providing services for the Riverside Unified School District.

For more information on TRM and CRM skills training please visit https://www.traumaresourceinstitute.com/

October 14, 2017

41st California Annual Foster Parent Training Conference

Susan will be teaching a 1 1/2 hour Community Resiliency Model Skills class for foster parents

“After a traumatic experience, survivors often experience a cascade of physical, emotion, cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual responses that leave them feeling unbalanced and threatened. This hour-and-a-half presentation will focus on resilience to trauma through the teaching of key concepts of neurobiology and education about stress/trauma, which serve as a foundation for learning the wellness skills of the Community Resiliency Model® (CRM). The session will begin with an explanation of how adverse experiences affect the brain and body, and then will discuss neuroplasticity – the brain’s natural ability to reorganize itself through the formation of new neural connections. It will then transition to an overview of the six wellness skills that make up CRM. While the presentation will touch on these skills in relation to youth, the focus will be on using skills for self-care. Q&A to follow.”

Great Wolf Lodge
12681 Harbor Blvd
Garden Grove, CA

September 16, 2017

Delight Brings Healing: Therapy with Children

Susan will be teaching a workshop on play therapy to PsyD and MFT students at APU from 9 to 3:30 p.m.

Azusa Pacific University, Department of Graduate Psychology

Duke 570