Teen and Adult Therapy

I Believe In The Resiliency Of The Human Spirit.

And while it is impossible to be shielded from all of the discomfort, pain and loss that inevitably arises in the course of life, I believe that our work together can increase your capacity to hold a variety of emotional experiences and thrive in the very midst of it. Together we will explore resiliency and learn helpful skills to help you bounce back from old places of pain and wounding, not by disregarding those experiences or looking for a “silver lining,” but by honoring those moments as part of your story.

The work that I do with teens and adults involves much psychoeducation about the workings of the brain and the biology of the body. When we begin to understand that some of our responses that seem so unpleasant or even frightening are the result of our bodies attempting to protect us from perceived threat, we open up to being gently self-aware rather than harshly self-judging.



With the help of neuroscience we can begin to explore these tough questions:

  • I experienced a lot of trauma as a kid, will I ever “get over” it?
  • Is it possible to actually change how I react to certain situations?
  • My “emotions” just seem to get me in trouble. Are they ever helpful? Why can’t I control them?
  • In a world that is more connected than ever before with social media, constant texting, Snap Chat, and cell phones in every pocket, why do I still feel lonely sometimes?

Together we will learn how to “pay attention” to our senses and learn to distinguish between sensations of well-being and sensations of distress. By learning to track and understand your nervous system, you can learn how to bring yourself back into a place of resiliency. A place where life consists less of trying to avoid certain situations or binge on other situations, but a place that no matter where you find yourself you can learn to live fully.

Life will always be full of the unexpected. The painful. The rotten. The unfair.

And life will always be full of wonder. Of hope. Of beauty.

Together we can learn to hold it all with gentle care, validation and joy.