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Welcome! I’m so glad you are exploring the possibility of therapy. You may be visiting this page in this moment because life is overwhelming. Your history may be feeling burdensome, and hope may seem distant. These are common human experiences, and you are not alone.

One of the most encouraging things to know about mental health is that it is not dependent on how good or bad the moments in our life are. What is important is how we hold, organize and make sense of each of our life experiences. When we can learn to tenderly embrace all that makes us who we are–accepting the reality of the tragic while keeping our hearts open to the beautiful–we learn how to live a life full of power and purpose. I am excited to be part of your journey as together we explore the moments, experiences, and sensations that have made you uniquely you.

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I Specialize In Reaching Kids

For the last two decades I have specialized in the art of Play Therapy, working with children who are experiencing life challenges such as divorce, grief and loss, OCD, separation anxiety and behavioral challenges. I work with parents and families, teaching skills you can use at home to connect more deeply and joyfully with your children.

Teen & Adult Therapy

Teens face intense stressors from multiple sources–pressure at school to perform above grade level, demanding athletic competition, challenging peer interactions, as well as family changes and transitions. Having someone in their life who is outside the hubbub of home, school and sport to teach them stress management skills and ways to navigate intense emotion, has benefits that reach far into their future.


Kids do well if they can

The Collaborative Problem Solving approach of Stuart Ablon and Ross Greene is a profound paradigm shift in working with children who struggle behaviorally. When we believe that kids “choose” to misbehave, “choose” to get in trouble, or “choose” to fail in school, we are coming from what I believe to be a flawed perspective. In…
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Paying Attention

As a mindfulness educator, I find it thrilling that many hours out of my day I get to sit and just notice things. As I practice with my students and clients, I get to sense the air on my skin, feel the support of the couch cradling my body, notice the variety of sounds in…
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Cultivating Gratitude

“Kids, what do you say?” It’s the most frequently asked question of all parents (maybe second only to, “Exactly what were you thinking?”) And the answer is inevitably the forgotten words, “Thank you.” It’s simply too easy to forget, to slip through life without making room for a gratitude pause. To take the ice cream…
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Parenting: Are you a Seat-belt or an Air-bag?

I’ve been in a particularly curious season of childrearing and childworking. I have two kids at home with a lot of hormones, facing violently rapid brain development and occasional existential angst, and I have about 520 kids at work, many of whom are also in the throes of puberty and making some really wacky, seemingly…
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